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TrustAllManager: certificate chain mismatch on getAuthType()

Question asked by Ondrej Jombik on Dec 10, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2011 by Ondrej Jombik

This happens to me quite often. When I am scannig cluster, two or more IP addresses are returned for the entered domain name.


The first one returns result (A/91) and states "Ready". Test usually takes 1 minute (or so).


Second line has no result and message "TrustAllManager: certificate chain mismatch on getAuthType()" is shown. This test is accomplished in 0.2 seconds, so something was apparently not executed.


I have no idea what this does mean. Forum archive does not reveal anything. It can be that I am the first who is asking this.


It may be problem on our side, but if so, we want to have it fixed! Btw. everyone in our company loves your tool (me including;-)