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QID 82058 for ilo's (ICMP Hard error packet)

Question asked by r.hagan on Aug 2, 2011

our internal qualysguard scan came up with this vulnerability for HP ilo's (remote access ports) on HP DL systems... the solution listed was for unix or operating systems. 


the ilo's are up to the last/latest firmware release.


does anyone know of a specific solution for these ilo's...


the hits seem to be split between port 80 and 22 on all of these ilo's...and mostly on the older ilo 1 ports with had a last firmware release of 1.94.  Hp doesn't have a post on this issue and since the ilo 1 systems are out of warranty, we can't really open up a ticket with HP....(and no response from HP forums)...


any solution to this?