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How best to avoid asset duplication? (VM & Agent)

Question asked by Peter Lyttle on Apr 6, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2020 by Peter Lyttle

Hi Folks,


I was hoping to hear how some of you avoid ending up with duplicate assets (cloud agent & ip asset imported on scheduled inventory/vulnerability scan)?  Unfortunately I need to scan the same range as the cloud agents sit on to ensure nothing has been missed, which results in the duplication at the asset levels. (I know we can merge the asset but this is only at the reporting level and not asset inventory) - we integrate with Kenna so the Asset Inventory is the gold source.


I've managed to speed the scans up by creating an light weight Inventory scan of the subnet that allocated a specific Site tag, and then a Vulnerability scan that scans for Site tags but that excludes the "Cloud Agent" tag.


The problem is that even if I purge the IP assets that are duplicates of the Cloud Agents, the next time the Inventory scan runs it will re-add the asset.


I'm trying to automate the process as to not need to manually tag things and would like to avoid the API (unless absolutely necessary)  Anyone any ideas?