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Patching servers according to report

Question asked by James Chaiwon on Feb 26, 2020



New to Qualys here. I've followed an article to create a report based on missing monthly MS patches which works very well. However, I need to create a scheduled job to follow up on the results of this report. Have been looking around but couldn't find any articles on this.


1. I need to create a scheduled job to ONLY patch missing MS patches.

2. I need to be able to edit this job - at the moment I cannot edit any of my own jobs (not sure why). I have to delete existing jobs and recreate them.

3. During my testing, only half of the servers have been patched and the other half are reporting "reboot required". Not sure why the servers didn't reboot automatically after they were patched. I have "suppress reboot" turned on so any logged in sessions aren't prompted. Could this be stopping servers from rebooting?


Thank you.