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How to force technology detection on PC via Cloud Agent ?

Question asked by stan pichon on Jan 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2020 by stan pichon

Hi everyone,


I am facing an issue where Policy Compliance via Cloud Agents does not detect the technology I am trying to assess.

I want to test for compliance on JBOSS/WildFly installed on RHEL 7.x


The problem is that the installation has been customized quite a lot, and Qualys doesn't apply the policy.


It does detect the technology (I can see that from the "installed software" window) but it does not apply the policy compliance checks. My guess is that the policy compliance audit file tests for existence of the installed software on a particular path, which is different for me.


Does anyone know of some way to force the compliance audit to be run ? Or maybe to customize it in the XML ?


Thanks in advance for your help, and have a good day,