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CS deploy sensor questions

Question asked by G Covasan on Jan 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2020 by Alex Mandernack



We have a series of questions where the public documentations not covering and other usrs may benefit from any QG SME.


1. What is the guaranteed resource allocation that should be assigned to the Qualys General Container sensors (memory and CPU)
2. Can be run Qualys side-car container as a separate service and task which can communicate with other application container running in same cluster ? Do you know, how Qualys sensor (Side-car) is functioning and connecting with other application container ?
3. Reg sensor will scan some delta from repo(new images) or will re-scan everything on its cycle set (is the cycle configurable somewhere or only depend of the sched scan from platform)

4. Is there any reason for setting the default CPU of 20 % (or is recommended other value ) for example decreasing to 5, 10 % in example of a general sensor deployment will it have any impact beside time scan duration ? (this is in regards of 1st question)
5. Officially, is there any limitation for the number of images/containers that the sensor can scan?
6. Officially, is there any limitation of how many registry (registry sensor) can scan ?
7. Is there anywhere a full report over all vulnerabilities for CS module ? or considered to be in roadmap like how hostlistdetection exist on VM module?



Thank you in advance