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Qualys agent installation on RHEL 5.11(Tikanga)

Discussion created by Preethi R on Nov 20, 2019
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Hi Guys,

We have user who is trying to install Qualys cloud agent on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.11 (Tikanga), but it was not complete as it is not reporting in Qualys console. Upon checking the log, we could see this error.

[Error]:Http request failed:SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

[Error]:Http request failed: error code: 0

hostid not found: /etc/qualys/hostid


Network team is engaged and they installed SSL certificate and even required ports are open between proxy and destination server. The issue is still there. Could you please suggest me next steps? Need your help in this here@##