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How to  automatically deploy Qualys Security Solution on new Azure Subscriptions ?

Question asked by azure_chris on Jul 1, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2019 by Alexandre Menezes

Hi together,


we are currently in the situation, that we have secured all our Azure Subscriptions with a Qualys Security Solution via the Azure Security Center. (Large Enterprise Enviroment >40 Subscriptions)

The problem is, that our Environment is growing and more and more Subscriptions are being created, currently we need to manually create a new Qualys Security Solution for the Subscription and install the agent on the VMs (if some are already existing). This is quite time consuming and can easily be forgotten.


Is there any way to automatically deploy a new Qualys Security Solution when a Subscription is being created ? Are there any PowerShell CMDlets or Trigger (Logic App, Azure Functions) ?


It would be quite inconvenient, if no Solution in our Situation is existing, as I believe other Enterprises face the same issue.