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Create a new dynamic tag from existing dynamic tags in AssetView

Question asked by manas bellani on May 14, 2019
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I have created multiple dynamic tags related to an application called "WebCMS" to help identify all assets related to "WebCMS" application. This is via different rules in Qualys AssetView . E.g. I have the following tags: 

  • WebCMS_Name: This is an "Asset Name Contains" tag which searches for all assets with term "WebCMS" within them.
  • WebCMS_Cloud: This is a  "Cloud Asset Search" tag which searches for all EC2 instances with tags that WebCMS.


I want to create a single dynamic tag now called "WebCMS", which encompasses all the results of the "WebCMS_Name" and "WebCMS_Cloud" into a single tag which dynamically updates. Can you please advise the best way to achieve this? I have created a Groovy script for this as shown below to combine the results of the tag. Is there any alternative way to do this or is this the best approach?

    return asset.tags.find{ == "WebCMS_Name"}!=null ||  asset.tags.find{ == "WebCMS_Cloud"}!=null;

Thanks in advance.