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Feature Request: Ability to edit a User Defined Control.

Question asked by theone2018 on Apr 25, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2019 by theone2018

I already submitted a feature request to Qualys via SecureWorks.  However, I am going to post here as well.


Not sure why you prevent users from editing a user defined control that I created. We paid extra for this and the feature is limiting.


Steps in order to edit a control.

  1. Export the control XML
  2. Edit the file within your favorite text editor i.e. Notepad++ with the desired changes
  3. Unable to replace control with edit XML, have to import as new control
  4. Delete the old control
  5. Need to open up the Policy, and add the fixed new control.

Yay.. I get to do this 10 more times.


Instead, allow us to edit the control directly from the browser.  It would save 4 steps and all the time in between.