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Windows Cloud Agent now at 7mb for installer?

Question asked by derekv on Mar 1, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2019 by Chris Carlson

What happened to when the installer was only 1-2mb in size...


Even your website says it should still only be less than 3mb:

Cloud Agent | Qualys, Inc. 

^probably should be updated


Are there plans to curb the continued size growth of this installer? I started with version 1.6 and the installer was 2.3mb. This was about a year ago. Now, version 2.1 is 7mb in size. Will there be an opportunity in the future to have different versions of the agent installer? For example, I don't have any intentions in using half the modules that the agent offers. Can there be an option where I am just downloading an agent that supports VM and PC, which would keep the installer smaller?