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Assetview - Filter out assets still syncing

Question asked by derekv on Feb 20, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by derekv

Working on creating dashboards and one problem I keep running into is false positive data related to agents that are still syncing. I would like to filter these out of my data....


Use case: I have a dashboard to show me hosts that have specific software missing and specific software that isn't approved. However, I get numerous false positives because agent's are still syncing. Validated when clicking on a supposed host that is missing the software, searching for it (fictional name used below), and the "We're syncing asset data. Check back in a few minutes" message appears:



Would love to filter this out... Anyone know how? This is wasting my time and throwing off all my trending graphs.

DMFezzaReed or fjimenez, wondering if  either of you have any tricks up or sleeves? Not seeing any search options related to syncing...