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Feature Requests - Cloud & Vulnerability Management

Question asked by theone2018 on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by theone2018
  • Please allow us to use groovy scripts on dashboard widgets as well.  Current widget query implementation functionality is limiting and groovy scripts will expand that. Using a tag in our scenario to link to a widget isn't what we want to use.
  • Purging rules for Cloud and Cloud Agent assets are a good start but will you add additional rules to apply to all assets?
    • Rule-Based Method to Purge/Uninstall Cloud Assets and Cloud Agents (BETA) – User-defined scheduled and on-demand rules to purge Cloud Assets (for supported Cloud Connectors, AWS initially) and uninstall/purge Cloud Agents based on the terminated state of the cloud instance or time since last check-in or vulnerability scan.  Customers requesting this feature should contact Support to enable for their subscription.
  • Duplicate Assets - we need Qualys to improve the ability to de-duplicate assets better. Many other vendors are able to do this just fine.  Machines with the same name are showing up for us hopping from IP to IP. 
  • Ability to scan via Host Name instead of relying on IP.
  • On Cloud Console and on local machine via CMD force Cloud Agent to run a full scan.
  • On Cloud Agent Asset Summary have a field for "Last Scan: 2/12/2019 2:57pm"
  • Tag Rule Engine
    • Modify Defaults so that the following can be checked by default
      • Ignore Case
      • Re-Evaluate rule on save