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Age of the Vulnerability

Question asked by Aakash Gupta on Feb 4, 2019
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We are trying to find out since how long this vulnerability exist in our system. We extracted Qualys logs via API. We want to generate a report for this host, these are the vulnerabilities and these exist in this host since this long. Following are the details we are extracting for vulnerability


last_found_datetime=2019-01-14T15:10:11Z, ssl=0, last_update_datetime=2019-01-14T16:36:17Z, severity=3, is_ignored=0, status=Active, last_fixed_datetime=null, last_processed_datetime=2019-01-14T16:36:17Z, is_disabled=0, port=null, results=Vulnerable version of Supervisord detected: 3.3.2, last_test_datetime=2019-01-14T15:10:11Z, protocol=null, first_found_datetime=2019-01-02T11:31:28Z, times_found=24, qid=11865, type=Confirmed, fqdn=null


How can we find since when this vulnerability exists in the host. Is it first_found_datetime - current_datetime. or is there any other field in Qualys logs to find out the same.




Aakash Gupta