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Help me better understand hosts alive...

Question asked by derekv on Dec 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2019 by derekv

Looking for some help/guidance. 


Qualys is showing a number of hosts in my account as being alive; however, I am fairly certain they are not... Digging into the records there are only 5 IGs found:

- Traceroute (QID45006): Normal traceroute results

- Host Scan Time (QID 45038): fairly long scan time... over 1000 seconds

- Host Name Not Available (QID 82056): No host name detected

- ICMP Replies Received (QID 82040):

- DNS Host Name (QID 6): No registered host name


Note, normal scan profile DOES NOT have the "Include dead hosts in scans" option checked. 


I tired looking at old post around the topic (Way to discover hosts using all 65k ports? and  Hosts Not Alive) but nothing is really clear to me. Is the ICMP replies why Qualys are flagging the hosts as alive? Does the dual timeout/unreachable icmp rely indicate I have a routing problem?


Note, I get the same response when pinging from my local machine (both my local machine and the Qualys scanners are on a different subnet then the destination ip):


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you