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Has anyone experienced issues with Qualys not detecting the existence of a Cumulative Patch Bundle?

Question asked by Philip Wilhelm on Sep 13, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by Philip Wilhelm

According to Microsoft I am told that the reason I still see .NET vulnerabilities on the Qualys Scan (even though I have installed the latest Cumulative Patch bundle is because Qualys can not recognize the cumulative patches; it is looking for the individual patches it specifically wants installed?


Example :


According to Microsoft, if Qualys says we need to install the following:


  • .NET Security Update July 2017
  • .NET Security Update June 2018
  • .NET Security Update May 2018


and then we install the .NET Cumulative Security Update (which included all Security Updates going back to October of 2016) I will have patched the actual Vulnerability but Qualys will still report the server vulnerable because we did not install the individually recommended Security Updates.


Is this true and how can I get around this?