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Asset Discrepancy

Question asked by Chris Jones on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by DMFezzaReed

Hi Fellow Forum Members,


Had a bit of a head banging session this morning and could do with some help.


Cloud Agent Module. Download list and there are 1267 assets with CA. installed.

Asset View Module. `Cloud Agent` returns 1267 assets.

VM>Assets>Asset Search. Asset Group `All`

Tracking method: Cloud Agent.

Number of assets returned? 742!!

I could handle a variation of up to 5% but this is closer to 45!


VM>Assets>Host Assets. Filter by Cloud Agent = 662!


So, any idea's before I raise with support? 95% of assets with CA are Windows 10/Server 2012R2 and are correct and cross referenced. Handful of Linux, W8.1 and Server 2012/2008.


Any suggestions/opinions/thoughts welcome