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API:  how to associate BU name and Unit ID?

Question asked by Todd Simpson on Jun 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by Busby



I'm successfully generating sub-groups (based on my local IP segments, don't ask...:) ) from master Asset Groups defined by my Unit Managers.


I'm trying to assign those sub-groups to the same BU as the person who created the master for that sub-group, should be easy enough - but so far I still have a gap...


- A call to user_list.php (v1 API) gives me the BU name for each user

- A call to asset/group (v2 API) gives me the BU ID for each asset group


I need to specify a BU Name when I add my newly parsed asset group.  Does anyone know how I would associate the BU Names I have for each user with the BU IDs I have for each asset group?