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ThreatProtect descriptions not fully readable

Question asked by Tom Noorman on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 27, 2018 by Tom Noorman

We've noticed within ThreatProtect that in some cases the title of the Threat leads to a Qualys page with the full title and description, but in some cases it leads to an external page directly. In those cases we could not find any method to read the full title and description of the text, for which the first characters can be seen in the feed.


For this, I've raised a support ticket to Qualys already and looking with a first Qualys employee he could not see a way to view these full texts either.


Who else noticed this? I'd like to raise attention to get this 'simple manner' solved rapidly, so we know what is written from Qualys perspective and have all input available to assess the threat.


And maybe someone found a way to still be able to read the title/description which we've missed?