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Question asked by Zelda Zilla on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by Sam Friday

I am new to Qualys,  have been in charge of this scanning system for the last month or two and I have been getting some severity levels that are triggering in the (Level2) that are triggering a SSL Cert with this QID. I have 408 assets that are being triggered, I have  asked support but what he sent didn't seem efficient. This is what he gave me


Unable to resolve "unable to get local issuer certificate" using git on Windows with self-signed certificate - Stack Ove… 


I feel like this may work but i dont want to disable the SSL alert, id rather put the local cert in to the server if needed, but like i said there are 408 of these triggering. SSL no local cert, when all my certs are uploaded into the QUalys system. Any other suggestions as to lower this number on the QID 38173. I'm sure that there maybe some that are self assigned but thats whole different QID 38170.


Any suggestions would be appreciated as my vulnerability team would like this taken care of asap.