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Unexpected Behaviour

Question asked by john umman on Mar 12, 2018


I am trying to use API V3 but I observed that the API and the SSLlab website is giving different results for Forward secrecy. 


Below is the endpoint description. It was observed that api returened value 4 but the SSL labs website is showing forward secrecy issue and only ECDHE suits are supported. 

forwardSecrecy - indicates support for Forward Secrecy

  • bit 0 (1) - set if at least one browser from our simulations negotiated a Forward Secrecy suite.
  • bit 1 (2) - set based on Simulator results if FS is achieved with modern clients. For example, the server supports ECDHE suites, but not DHE.
  • bit 2 (4) - set if all simulated clients achieve FS. In other words, this requires an ECDHE + DHE combination to be supported.