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SNMP Not Attempted / Authenticated Scanning Insufficient Privileges

Question asked by Ervin Zhao on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by StjepanSusnjar

Dear All,


We are performing a scanning on a linux based terminal server, but the OS info came back as a network camera with a bunch of CVEs picked up.


We checked the authentication report and found that the SNMP polling with status - "Not Attempted" and the failure reason - "SNMP Authentication Not Attempted".


Also the Authenticated Scanning with status "Failed" with reason "Insufficient privileges".


We have made sure the routing, firewall rules and returning path all good. Qualys scanner the job assigned has been added to the SNMP allowed host list, the service account used for authenticated scanning is root, manually SSH test also performed.


Does any one have any experience of what we might have missed in our tasks ?


Many thanks.