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Import Report into MS SQL server

Question asked by Lukáš Podaný on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by Constantine Vorobetz2

Good day

I would like get reports in CVS. Format which was exported from Qualys in to MS SQL Server.

This process I would like do automatically, because I setup a lot scans and on the end I am getting lot of reports.


I get Idea set up: SQL Server Integration Services which will take every time cvs. file automatically in to SQL Server.


Problem can be with authentication. (I can set up In Qualys: thing which will send me Encrypted PDF file on my email but I do not know how I can download automatically PDF/CVS/txt from my email + unzip/open + Transfer to SQL server.

(For downloads from email Iam useing Wget+ task scheduler )


My target is make scripts/Selects/Triggers in SQL to pick up interesting things and send them to Admins.


Thanks for any opinions.


(I read  but is 4 years old