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Installation of Cloud Agent on DEV environment

Question asked by Brian Fewlass on Mar 2, 2017

So, we are trying to have a pre-production dev environment with servers installed with the Cloud Agent.  The question I have is, are there specific ports/prot/serv for both local/ border firewalls to allow limited communications with our instance?


My understanding is the following:

There must be 'Inbound' rules set on the network interface used by the Qualys scan via the 'Local Group Policy, Windows Firewall with Advanced Security on the Local Computer, Inbound Security Rules' configuration interface for a scan to succeed, as the OS blocks all other port openings by default once that specific network interface (Public, Private, or Domain) is set to 'Block':

  1. TCP/UDP inbound ports--135,137,445,389 (Qualys port scan)
  2. UDP inbound ports--135,137,445,389 (Qualys port scan)


for external only 443 to qualys IPs.


Are these assumptions correct?