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How do I do multi-part auth:  NTLM and a custom form (selenium script)

Question asked by Michael Scheidell on Feb 21, 2017
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How do I do multi-part auth:  NTLM and a custom form (selenium script)

I tried one record with both, and  got 'partial' auth and NTLM failed.


I go to ( and up pops the standard NTLM auth box.

type in




then I get a NEW auth box (different one, from the application) needs a DIFFERENT username/password.


testing manually:

start selenium.

Log on to host (NTLM), selenium doesn't record it

Log on to app, selenium DOES.  do the 'magic' edits (wait for), etc.

run manually:

close browser, erase cookies:

start selenium 'play'

log on to host (NTLM) manually (remember, selenium didn't record this!)

selenium sees the waitForElement and plays, works fine.

Run discovery test, 'partial' (ntlm failed)


How would I get this to work?