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anyone cause an internal DoS by scanning teradici zero-clients?

Question asked by Michael Scheidell on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2019 by Paul Barrett

One site, client of mine has a bizzilian teradici zero-clients, hosted in same data center as virtual server.

Scan of asset group on nov 28th produced results, but no problems.

Scan of last week, using exact same profile, asset-group and options created a DoS condition in the network, with the teradici zero clients sending back dozens and dozens of 301 redirects, for each and every web query.


It didn't stop when the scan stopped.  It only stopped when we rebooted the virtual qualys server.


I do have packet dumps for a test run on one client.  I'll open a support ticket later, but I want to know if anyone else has the same problem, all of a sudden.