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Dead link in if second certificate is not trusted

Question asked by j-mailor on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2016 by j-mailor


I see excellent new feature on development server to display multiple certificate chains if available. I have found one of our server that sends two certificates chains. First Certificate chain in my case is OK (also displayed in test ) and second which is self signed certificate (it looks some internal web page for admin with self-signed certificate).


If I understand correctly if "Certificate #1" is with errors then at the bottom of web page "Why is my certificate not trusted?" section appears. But if "Certificate #1" is OK, but "Certificate #2" has some problems this section on bottom is not displayed, so that is probably the reason "Why" link becomes dead link.


By the way this server gets A+ grade. Is this fine? Looks like second certificate does not influence on grade at all.