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Asset Tracking Changes

Question asked by adamc on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by djprakash

Does anyone have any experience with asset tracking as it relates to the following scenario.


I currently have 1000 assets set as tracked by NETBIOS name.  There is no DNS name available for these assets, and their IP is dynamic.  There is a change coming to our network and NETBIOS broadcasting will be disabled, as well as other changes that will make NETBIOS name detection nearly impossible.


Besides the obvious question "How do you track an asset that has no DNS name, no NETBIOS name and dynamic IP?"


My main question is, if I have assets being tracked with NETBIOS names and one day their are no NETBIOS names detected while scanning the network, how does the tracking method/setting work? i.e. does Qualys default to IP tracked?