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CloudAgent results not up to date

Question asked by audius.kenner on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by Rusty Qualyz

We have the QualysGuard CloudAgent deployed on several systems. The agent is enabled for VM and PC and be receive information from the host in general. 

The found vulnerabilities have been fixed for more than a week now and the agent has updated since the fix was applied but the vulnerabilities is still reported. 

In this particular case a product version detected via the windows registry was the reason for Qualys to report the vulnerability. I confirmed the software version was installed and the registry key was present but after the deinstallation of the mentioned software version the registry got cleaned but the CloudAgent is still reporting the vulnerability with the same reason.

Looks like even if the communication between the CA and the subscription backend is fine the registry update was not recognized by the CloduAgent. Are there any limitations regarding the frequency the registry gets checked/rechecked.

I changed teh configuration profile to "as fast and often as possible" for all values but I can't force the agent to perform a "full" scan and update everything. Is there any possibility to enforce/trigger a scan either from the web console or at the host itself. It is a bit annoying just sitting there and waiting for the magic to happen.


Any help is appreciated.