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Questions About Invalid Host Certificates

Question asked by Brandon Lockhart on Jun 29, 2016

I have a couple questions in regards to the host certificate management.


Status either shows Valid, Invalid (Source is Unknown) , or Invalid (Expired), The certificates I have reviewed that have a status of Invalid (Source is Unknown) all appear to have the characters "NA" populated to the "source" field in certificate info. What is strange is while looking at some of the "Valid" certificates, the "Source" field is populated with "unknown" This has me a little confused. The Invalid (source is unknown) status certificates also have the Red Triangle, does this imply they are not trusted? If so is it because they have source "NA"? I see a lot of the other Valid certificates have an "internal" source. What are the conditions that determine the source? Reasons why it may show NA or Unknown?


I'm don't have too much knowledge concerning certificates so if anybody could help me understand that would be great.