Pankaj Kumar

Assessment failed: Unable to connect to the server

Discussion created by Pankaj Kumar on Jun 28, 2016

I am Citrix NetScaler product manager and working on SSL module. I have recently noted that in very cases some applications on NetScaler are failing the SSL Labs test with error message "Assessment failed: Unable to connect to the server". Most probably it is due to the below mentioned issue.

  • NetScaler issues - some NetScaler versions appear to reject SSL handshakes that do not include certain suites or handshakes that use a few suites. If the test is failing and there is a NetScaler load balancer in place, that's most likely the reason.     

Right now the following site analysis is giving me this error -


Can someone please add some details behind the failure. We want to figure out if it a config issue or appliance issue.


Thanks in advance.