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Tagging by OS using Groovy (or alternate method)

Question asked by Maria Hodges on Jun 23, 2016
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I will start by saying I am brand new to Qualys and Groovy. I have been involved in vulnerability remediation for over 15 years. The new environment I am working it utilizes Qualys for scanning. We are about to start using ThreatProtect. I would like to customize the dashboards relative to custom data sets. The environment is currently not tagging their assets.


Task 1. I would like to create Tags based on OS. My ultimate objective is to be able to delineate between Servers, Devices, Workstations.


I can create a basic tag with say "windows" but that grabs workstations. I can create one for say "Windows Server", but our OS list shows over 200 variants of OS (over half of those belonging to windows) so that only grabs 100 of over 10,000 windows hosts. I am hoping to create the tag using Groovy, but am unsure how to write the code. I am willing to do the leg work to cut and paste all of our server variants of the OS, but can anyone tell me how to tag each one as say "Windows Server"?


Or does anyone have a better way to be able to break up the huge list of assets in to useable groups?




Ultimate Goal

All Assets





     Network Devices


TIA for any help at all!