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Set Specific Admin or Shares as Exception

Question asked by B M on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by B M

Hi All,


Have a Policy Compliance scan to enumerate all members of the local Administrator Group and all Shares that are accessible to Everyone


I am looking for a way to manage exceptions


e.g. it is normal for the group Domain Admins to be local Administrator, hence I want this to be set an exception so that I have a report that will list out all other Users except the Domain Admin


Same thing for Shares:


e.g. SYSVOL is a know exception on Domain Controllers, I want to set this as an exception so that these are not returned in my reports


Also, there will also be some specific servers where there will be specific Users as Administrators, and these will be valid exceptions, hence do not want these to be in my reports


Is there to achieve this in Qualys?


From what I have seen, we can only exclude the whole QID, and not specific results for a QID