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CloudAgent Error 50002

Question asked by audius.kenner on Apr 25, 2016



i tried to install the CloudAgent on 3 different Windwos Systems (2x Win7 and 1 Win10). I have the proxy settings properly configured and the agent shows up in the QualysCloud Web-UI.

But I always get the following error reported.


I alreday reinstalled the agent even with the -force parameter without any success. The error 50002 also shows up in the CloudAgent log file:

04/25/2016 15:47:32.0348 Error: CEventScan::OnEvent() Scan for Manifest "{xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx}" failed with error: (Error: 50002)


Accordig to the troubleshooting page I should dceletinh the snapshot, delta, change-list and all manifest fiels.


An unrecoverable error occurred attempting to read or write to the snapshot, delta, or change-list databases during a scan. The issue may be resolved by deleting the snapshot, delta, change-list, and all manifest files on the client. The agent will automatically download new manifests and after one scan phase the agent should repair itself.

I followed the recommendation to delete the manifest files, snapshot.db and changelist.db from "c:\Programdata\Qualys\QualysAgent" without any success.

Is there a way to solve the status Code 50002?