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Scan paused by Service (IP)

Question asked by Leong Wai Yoong on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by djprakash

I saw the other thread having the same issue as me but it was not answered yet, so I couldn't get a clue on what happen on this error. When I was scanning externally using Qualys cloud scanner to an group of externally facing device, the scanning took so long that I have to paused it myself after 7 hours of long scanning. The IP segment is base 24 subnet and the past scanning history only need 2 hours to complete the scan. I then went to the scanning result after pause and find out there is on IP causing the scan to paused, but I couldn't find what service or port that interrupting the scan. Could anyone advise me or he has experience such situation before? I would appreciate Qualys support help me on this as well, as least I should know what happen, before I log a ticket to Qualys to perform a debug scan or something.