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Text pattern list not included in glossary for posture information request from v2 API released 12/1/15

Question asked by Mark Hammel on Jan 7, 2016

We are using the following call as an example:


curl -u user:password --Header "X-Requested-With: curl" -H "content-type: text/xml" -X "POST" ""


Prior to the latest release, the glossary included the text pattern information (TP_LIST).


This information is no longer included in the request output even though it is referenced elsewhere in the output.

For example:



          <BOOLEAN_EXPR><![CDATA[:dp_7 contains $tp_1]]></BOOLEAN_EXPR>


$tp_1 is no longer defined.


The latest DTD document indicates the information should be included in the glossary.


Is this a bug? Are we looking in the right place? Is there a new request to obtain the TP_LIST information?