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Progressive Scanning

Question asked by Steven Sparks on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by Dave Ferguson

I have a few sites that take a long time to scan or have some other issue that causes the scan to terminate with "Error" status.  I have had Progressive Scanning enabled on my account.  My test site for Progressive scanning is on that previously terminated with an error.  I have enabled progressive scanning in the Web Application and scheduled a daily scan with the schedule set to cancel after two hours. The Option profile is for a complete scan, default intensity and maximum links set to 5000.   Several consecutive scan of this site using this configuration show the same number of links (exact same list of links) crawled and end with "Time Limit Reached" status.  I expected the "Links Crawled" in subsequent scans to start where the previous scan left off.  Is there any documentation for proper configuration and use of the Progressive Scanning feature?