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Pull SSL Labs Data From Internal Qualys Subscription

Question asked by qualysking on Dec 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by Clay N. Keller

Within Qualys Enterprise and go to Assets -> Certificates -> Click on a grade


You get a pop up with SSL labs called "SSL Grade Summary". It includes information like Protocol version (tls, ssl), Certificate, etc.


We want to pull this specific information, like what SSL version or TLS version each internal page has. However, for exporting data, I'm only able to do so on the page previous where it only includes the grade. We want more columns to add onto this that include this other information. Basically, I want something similar to regular, but I cannot use this because these websites are not internet facing and are private, so only our Qualys subscription can reach it. I am referring to SSL Labs API and Ivan's excellent GO script where we can get all data within a json file.


I checked inside the regular Qualys API and I don't see information for how this is possible either. 


I did see previous threads on this.



How to test Internal Webservers SSL Server Test

I attempted to use dynamic search to find the specific information on grades, but I did not see it there.


How can we test private sites with the ssl test for TLS POODLE?

I cannot add an opening on our firewall to allow us to utilize the external SSL labs.


Anyone know if this is possible?