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Is it possible to add a static Tag to each asset?

Question asked by Ale Dragone on Oct 5, 2015

Hi everybody!


Please I'm sorry to interrumpt you and for my bad English. I'll do my best effort to explain what I need.


We use Qualys Guard to make Patch Management Control. But I have problems with the reports because, as the key is the IP address and lot of hardware use  DHCP to obtain the IP, is not possible to identify them. On the other hand, in same cases, a host is listed more times with different IPs.

The solution could be use DNS or Nebios as key but... Qualys doesn´t get this info for all the asset

That reason I thought in implement a staticTAG in order to include the internal ID. I don't know if it's posible and how to do it.

Please,could you help me?


Thank you in advance,

/Ale Dragone