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https connection drops with ios 9.0+ (ATS issue?)

Question asked by Kovacs Istvan on Sep 24, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2015 by Ivan Ristić

Dear members,



First off, thank you for giving me the opportunity to use your tool and to post to this forum.


I have been working on my issue for several days now and I am really clueless about it now.


It seems that iPhone devices (both mobile and tablets) have problems loading/accessing my website through https. According to several documents what I found and to Comodo (the one who issued our SSL certificate), the problem is App Transport Security (ATS), see App Transport Security Technote: App Transport Security Technote.


However, our webpage seems to fulfill all the requirements of this technote, according to your testing tool. The hosting company and Comodo confirmed that there are no problems with the certificates. Is there a way for me to verify the reason why devices with ios 9.0+ can not connect to my webpage? I have tried 10+ different devices with different internet providers/settings, none of them worked.



The page in question is Any suggestions/ideas/comments are welcome!



Thank you.