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Gathering Individual Scan Properties via API

Question asked by Jarrod Bradbury on Jun 18, 2015

Hello everyone,


When a scan completes and it is selected in the web GUI, there is an informational summary window that appears at the bottom of the web page.

In this summary window, among other information, are two values that get listed: the number of IPs targeted for the scan and the number IPs that responded during the scan.


These are screen shots of these values from that summary window:


Targeted: Qualys - IPs Targeted.jpg


Alive:          Qualys - IPs Alive.jpg


In order to gather and trend metrics related to our vulnerability scans, we have a need to be able to pull these two values from the API.


I have searched the community forums and the API guides, but can't find any location where I am able to pull these two values on an individual scan basis.

The closest I have have seen is a post regarding starting a new scan where two key fields that contains these values are defined as part of the output: (As seen here:sample xml response)

    <KEY value="NBHOST_ALIVE">1</KEY>

    <KEY value="NBHOST_TOTAL">1</KEY>


The problem with this method is that I am trying to gather these statistics for scans that have already finished, not from scans that I am launching.


Does anyone know of an API call that I can make that will give me all of the properties of a scan that has finished, including the count of IPs Targeted and IPs Alive?