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Moving an Asset Between Networks

Question asked by Anthony Onorati on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by Tim Salvador

Need some help on this one. I have two system-created Networks set up in my QualysGuard. One is the Qualys Global Default network, and another is the Global EC2 Network. I assume that the Global EC2 Network is for all of my Amazon EC2 tracked assets. The problem is that I have a large number of EC2 assets assigned to the Global Default network. This creates a problem with making changes via an Asset Search, because I cannot apply actions to assets in both Networks at the same time.


My question is: How can I move assets from the Global Default Network and assign then to the Global EC2 Network? I've attempted to accomplish this by creating new asset groups, but if I create a Global EC2 Asset Group, I don't seem to be able to assign assets from the Global Default Network to it.


Any thoughts?