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Too many visits from Qualys Servers

Question asked by Patrick LADOUCEUR on Feb 19, 2015
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I'm writting in English in order to have a maximum chance to have an answer but I'm French and feel free to speak in French with me.


My login account is bnppa-pl2 from BNP Paribas using the "BU-MCQ" tag.


We have scheduled for each one of our web sites a vulnerability scan once a month.


The problem is that we got a lot of visits on our web sites several times per month from Redwood City (USA) with the IP Address (21457) / (243250)


Here is what "whois" says :

NetRange: -


NetName:        QUALYS

NetHandle:      NET-64-39-96-0-1

Parent:         NET64 (NET-64-0-0-0-0)

NetType:        Direct Assignment


Organization:   QUALYS, Inc. (QUALYS)



These non usual visits from your servers are distorting our statistics.


Example for the site of BNP Paribas Philipines from Google Analytics :





What can we do to resolve this issue ?


Cordialement / Regards,


Patrick Ladouceur

Delegated Application Manager