Bernie Weidel

SAQ version 3.0

Discussion created by Bernie Weidel on Jan 21, 2015

As of 2015, Qualys PCI will no longer host online versions of the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).  The SAQ section in Qualys PCI will direct Merchants to the SAQ v3.0 download page at the PCI Council's website.  Merchants can download the SAQ v3.0 as a Word document, fill it out and submit it to their Acquiring Bank via email.


Additional information on the SAQ is available at the following links:


*Please note that Qualys PCI Compliance is up to date with all Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) aspects of PCI-DSS 3.0, including the External PCI Certified Scan, Internal PCI Scanning and Web Application Scanning.