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"Assessment failed: No secure protocols supported"

Question asked by Tom Fitzhenry on Oct 9, 2014
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I'm trying to diagnose an issue with Qualys Guard Enterprise Guard, and to do so, I'm trying to run SSL Labs.


Upon trying SSL Labs, I see: "Assessment failed: No secure protocols supported"


* I've seen "Assessment failed: No secure protocols supported" on all the multiple times I've tried to run SSLLabs over the past few days.

* I can't reveal the domain publicly, unfortunately, but am willing to reveal it privately

* I am able to make SSL connections, and scan with Is there a tool that can test what SSL/TLS cipher suites a particular website offers? - Super User

* The firewall is set to allow ( which is mentioned on Qualys SSL Labs - About / Activity Log )

* Tomcat 7


* Hosted on Azure Cloud Services (*

* This worked a few months ago, for the same domain


Does anybody have any idea why I'd see "Assessment failed: No secure protocols supported"?



Tom Fitzhenry