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SSL Labs PCI Scanning

Question asked by Stefan Genchev on Jul 29, 2014
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Hello, everybody!


It's my first post here and please forgive me if I do something wrong!


I have a little PCI question: When the Qualys SSL Labs Server scan is complete, in the "Miscellaneous" section I see "PCI compliant   Yes".  The problem is that there is a service called "Check PCI DSS" (Check PCI DSS compliance - Online free pci dss compliance checker) where I don't pass one test. I have attached screenshots.


I'm planning an official PCI Compliance test but the costs are too big for my small e-commerce and I just want to see if I have a chance.


Can you tell me where is the problem and if I can pass the PCI compliance test?


Greetings from Bulgaria!


Stefan Genchev


P.S. You guys are great and the SSL Labs Server Test is the #1 service I use in my everyday life!