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HTTP Error with Thycotic Secret Server

Question asked by strasser on Jul 18, 2014

Hello Community

We are using Thycotic Secret Server (version 8.5) as a password vault for QualysGuard VM / PC.


Recently, authentication of VM scans fail and we see the following error in the authentication reports:

Unable to complete Windows login for host=x.x.x.x, user=*****, vault error message: HTTP Error


If we then simply relaunch the same scan, everything works fine. Does anybody else experience the same issue ?


If we look at the “Secret Activity” log in Secret Server, I only see an entry for the second scan.


Could it be that Thycotic Secret Server shuts down some resources, if they are not used for a longer period and then isn’t quick enough starting them when the next request from the scanner comes in ?


Any hints or suggestions ?