suggestions for DEV Server

Discussion created by Rob_T on Jun 13, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2014 by Ivan Ristić

Hi Ivan


maybe you like to add some of These to your DEV Server ?

1) Highlight Chiphers on non SNI Aware Browsers if Server use SNI ( e.g use the light blue Color (same Color like SNI Bar) for cipher text)
2) Highlight SHA256 (maybe only green Color for the "Signature algorithm SHA256withRSA" only in first step, no Warning BAR, no grade calc)
3) Highlight if FS use DH 1024 only
4) Java 8 is no more beta (is 8u5 now)
5) adding OpenSSL 1.02 beta ?
6) maybe adding a "EOS" Tag on Browsers which are not supported anymore like XP IE6 and 8,  Safari on OSX 10.6 and maybe Java 6 (cause no more Public update)

7) just Reminder a reminder: next Firefox ESR v31 (~4 weeks) will Support TLS 1.2