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Feature Request: Display Key Exchange parameters in SSL Server Test

Question asked by binaryanomaly on Apr 20, 2014
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As Perfect Forward Secrecy is as popular as never (a positive sideffect of heartbleed) I think it would make a lot of sense to also display the Key Exchange parameters more explicitely as part of the SSL Server Test.


The secure Key Exchange is a core component of Perfect Forward Secrecy and it would imho be justified to give it a bit more attention.


If technically possible detection of standard DH params of Apache, nginx and others would be helpful as it should actually result in a downgrade of the security rating. I would bet that the standard configuration is surprisingly common and definitely a risk according to the openssl documentation:


"The risk in reusing DH parameters is that an attacker mayspecialize on a very often used DH group. Applications should thereforegenerate their own DH parameters during the installation process using theopenssl dhparam(1) application." (