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Is it possible to run a report on historical data?

Question asked by ed sherratt on Jan 31, 2014
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I've set up a scheduled report running that gives us any unresolved patchable Microsoft vulnerabilities that go past our baseline timeframe of x days- so we can alert on systems that have been missed in the patch rollout for whatever reason - this is working well.


We've been running scheduled scans for over a year, so


Is there any way to run this same report on historical data?


For example, January report is showing 20 systems with patches missing for x days - this is based on a scan run on 20th January.


Is there any way to run the report shifting this timeframe to run with November 20th's scan data?


Just so we can see the performance metrics of the patching process?


the only thing I can see along these lines gives vulnerabilities addressed ofer time, but doesn't give us that baseline for patches.


Thanks for any help,